I have to do it. I have to keep bragging on my clients. OMG, Debra Heim.

Debra is a former Registered Nurse turned Alternative Hair Consultant. She opened her Wig Boutique after a long quest to find quality alternative hair in a time of deep personal need. She doesn’t believe in ill-fitting, overpriced generic wigs and helps her clients find hair that perfectly matches their personalities and lifestyle.

Like me, Debra believes when you look good, you feel good and are more confident out in the world.


We paired each wig with each outfit. In addition to showcasing the most beautiful variety of alternative hair options, you can see in the photo above where Debra made a last-minute styling choice to show the world there is no shame in hair loss with a powerful shot sans hair; a profoundly vulnerable state for many.

I’m so inspired by how Debra shows up for her clients, and in turn, for us all.