Look at all you lovely humans who sent selfies of yourselves feeling amazing in your clothes :). Not only do you look great, it’s clear you FEEL great too! And that is inspiring!

I’m curious if you had a chance to check out my Conscious Clothing Catalog. It’s full of brands you can feel good about purchasing from.

In other big news, the Reading Aloud Podcast launched a Patreon Page where now your listening support AND your financial support will help us keep the podcast alive. Your contribution provides you with curated, fun and interactive bonus content! Plus, it helps offset the many costs of producing a podcast. Any amount per month goes a long way and we are so appreciative of YOU! 

“The Reading Aloud Podcast is a place where the creative, emotional and hilarious aspects of relationship communication come to life! Marisol and Adam Colette provide you insight into how they communicate, navigate and thrive through married life (and now parenthood!).”