What we wear impacts how we feel. That means what we wear becomes a part of us. 

I’m sure you know this, but our bodies are primarily made up of water (overall, it’s between 50-70%, and our brains are 95%!). 

Water is deeply influenced by its surroundings. If you’ve not heard of Dr. Masaru Emoto’s study on what happens when water’s exposed to kindness vs. negativity, please take a minute to be wowed.

Many of us have the reflex to look at ourselves in the mirror to see if we look good or bad. Think of how often you decided you look bad or that you wished parts of your body were different.

When we feel bad about ourselves, we lack self-confidence, which increases self-criticism. This leads us to treat ourselves with less love and respect than we deserve. 

If exposing water to love, benevolence, and compassion changes its molecular structure into beautiful, exquisite formations, think about what exposing yourself to the same can do for you.