Before you enter the worldwide Black Friday web, I want to tell you that the most common experience my clients have is to buy clothes just because they’re on sale. 

Sale-only-buying is a practice of undervaluing yourself, often leading you to buy things you don’t truly love. Although it feels like a cost-saving plan, it’s not. If you don’t like it, you won’t wear it.

Here’re my tips for buying this Black Friday week:

  • Go in with a plan. 
  • Make a list of pieces you’ve wanted for more than a month. Stick with the list.
  • Buy from small businesses. If they’re offering a deal, that’s a genuinely generous offer. 
  • Consider your values. If you don’t care about brand names, don’t start now just because it’s on sale. 
  • KNOW YOUR COLORS. This helps with decision fatigue and a messy closet.
  • If you get anxious or irritable, take a break. 
  • Make a budget. Take care of your money. 
  • Spend time outside instead of shopping at all ?. Every year I take a hike on Black Friday, often missing the whole thing, and I’m ok with it. 

I want you to have clothes that feel good vs. clothes you got a deal on but you don’t enjoy wearing.

Also know that sales can be scammy. Stores that always have “sales” use this as a tactic to trigger the “I have to have it because it’s a good deal” button. Or worse, capitalize on your “I’m not worth full price” or “my body’s not good enough to spend on” button. OOF. 

So remember to keep your wits about you this week, babe! 

Most importantly, have a good week, enjoy getting dressed, and don’t worry about how much you eat ?.