At the risk of sounding out of touch, I need to air my grievances for a minute.

I’m not sure everyone would consider being a first time mama during a pandemic “good,” but I don’t know anything else, and what I DO know is that I have many blessings in my life.

That said, here’s my grievance: I WAS SUPPOSED TO TAKE MY FIRST ACTUAL VACATION IN TWO YEARS THIS WEEK!! This was a trip we thought A LOT about, did absolutely everything we could to minimize the risk of getting and spreading covid, and were ready to venture out to support having some fun and getting some mental health relief from living and working in the confines of our home for the past two years. AND, we were going to take the baby! But as you all know, this pandemic spike is at an all time high and I think this week is the peak week in the nation. So we cancelled.

What were we going to do you ask? And more importantly, what was I going to wear??!! We were going to go to L.A., see some friends and family in the backyard of our Air Bn’B, AND, we bought tickets to my all-time favorite artist ever (like I never need to see another concert again if I get to see her), Björk.

Y’all she has a 50-person Icelandic choir and a 7-piece FLUTE ENSEMBLE!!!

And I was going to wear the amazing top pictured above from a local boutique. I was excited to talk to y’all about packing for a trip for the first time in a while, packing for a place that’s much warmer & sunnier, and just generally showing you all around my life and style outside of WFH.

But instead, we’re staycation-ing. And I’ll get dressed and focus on looking good and feeling good, because that’s what I’ve done the past 2 years. But it will be for home life and for the cool weather we’ve got in the mountains right now. So a lot more of the same. But, I’ll share what I do with you, as I always do!

I hope y’all are finding ways to experience joy as the pandemic marches on, that you recognize where your blessings are and most importantly, that you enjoy getting dressed, no matter what it’s for :).