Driving down a 2-lane highway in rural Tennessee, I saw a woman in her mid-50s, top down on her 1979 Pontiac Firebird, with a teased-out blonde perm blowing in the wind. Blowing through tangle and product, her hair was living its best life.

We named it, “God’s Blowout,” since it was styled by the wind and the sun. 

She looked free as a bird. 

She knew her style and rocked it with confidence, caring less about what was current, “cool,” or socially acceptable. 

While some personal stylists focus on those three things alone, I want to know what look best represents your personality.

I can teach you fit and color. I know which trends fit in. But a carbon copy of a Pinterest board is not what you deserve. What you deserve is the most authentic version of yourself through your style. 

I meet people who are changing the world but don’t always know what to wear, making getting dressed stressful and time consuming. Because of that, they walk around less confident and unfortunately, their impact on the world suffers. 

Do you know what your version of “God’s Blowout” is? 

Reply to me with a description or photo. I’d love to see you.