The 80/20 Rule

Sol Reflection, Style

Happy Thanksgiving ALL! Want to know what a turkey & your personal style have in common?! They’re both classic! I have a serious opinion that a good personal style contains a certain percentage of classic pieces. 80% to be exact. I call it the 80/20 rule. 80% classic.* 20% fun, trendy, fluff.** The 80/20 rule … Read More

Letting Go to Make Space

Stretch Your Style, Style

Everyone has their favorite “go-to” clothes in their wardrobe. These are the clothes that you love the most – and wear the most – for a number of reasons that could include their uniqueness, how they look on you, the color / cut / style or some other similar reason. So, what happens with the … Read More


Stretch Your Style, Style

The new year started with a bang as a bomb cyclone and a rash of cold & flu rolled through town leaving us all a bit frazzled, especially since we were hoping we had left all the bad in 2017. But on one of those remarkably frigid days in early January, a powerful woman and a group of … Read More

Let Nature Be Your Guide

Sol Reflection, Style

Over the past few weeks I have felt called to sit outside watching the simplicity of the leaves, listening to the songs of the birds and breathing in the crisp mountain air. I have had a range of emotions post-election and I can’t think of a better place to gain peace and clarity than on the … Read More

Finding a Theme and Creating a Look

Stretch Your Style, Style

Here’s a recent photo of me at our dear friends Abby and McGregor’s wedding. You may be wondering how I came up with this outfit or from where the inspiration arrived. Or, you may be saying something like, “Sure, it looks good, but I could never pull it off.” Trust me, I questioned it myself, and had my own … Read More

It’s a Universal Language

Sol Reflection

Isn’t it wonderful when you speak, think or do something and everything around you seems to just “get it?” It’s as if all beings were somehow related, that they were connected. But what if they really are? What if there is a universal language, and that we are all just a part of one organism, … Read More