Isn’t it wonderful when you speak, think or do something and everything around you seems to just “get it?” It’s as if all beings were somehow related, that they were connected. But what if they really are? What if there is a universal language, and that we are all just a part of one organism, connected through our thoughts, feelings and actions?

This isn’t an original idea, but I think about it often. I think about it in the context of what I study and what I teach. I began studying Organic Intelligence® (OI) in 2013 and it initiated a change in my life forever. In learning the model, I felt as though everything I had read and had been taught began to synchronize. The things I knew intuitively started coming together as one full and rich understanding of life and the way I understood the lives around me. The OI® model aids us in understanding that inherent capacity that each individual has for healing and for their bodies to return to its natural, intended, rhythmic and biological states.

Since that start in 2013, Organic Intelligence® has become a lifestyle for me. It has guided me towards greater health and increased resilience for both life’s blessings and challenges. It defines my work, my interpersonal relationships and my relationship to the earth and all its beings. Because it is the lens with which I live, this means I talk about it ALL the time. I’m crazy about it because it makes so much sense! But the interesting thing is, I talk about it with scientists, environmental activists, fashionistas, accountants, IT experts, and therapists alike, and they all understand what I’m talking about. It’s as if I was speaking not just from my own experience, but about the overarching human, animal, plant and mineral experience as well. Plain and simple, I’m talking about life. About the cycles of life and death. The iterations of life within itself and the ones that extend out to other beings. It’s the way in which things seem like a coincidence, but really we know that there is something greater going on in those unexplained remarkable moments.

Organic Intelligence® is a pathway toward greater connection and healing. It is a naturalistic and mindfulness-based approach to providing therapy. But it also guides scientists in understanding patterns in their research and environmental activists as they deeply relate to individuals traumatized by climate change and mass destruction of their land. It helps fashionistas know that it’s more than just the outfit someone is putting on; it’s about how their body responds to that outfit. And when accountants and IT experts are examining financial records and guaranteeing your internet function, they are also connecting to their clients and ensuring those clients are well connected to the work they do and the people with whom they do it.

Organic Intelligence® shows us that everyone and everything is interconnected. As we begin to discuss, explore and enhance those connections, more of what we say, do and feel begins to align. From that place of alignment, our bodies recognize that we know this healing journey already. And we even begin to find that it’s not that difficult. In fact, it happens naturally. It’s organic.

Stay tuned for opportunities to learn more about Organic Intelligence®. Introductory and extended trainings in this model are being coordinated for Asheville, NC at this time.