I’ve never been great with clothes. Not a train wreck, but not someone whose style stood out. In working with Marisol, I got clear on what was most “me” in my closet, new ways to put pieces together, and in shopping with her I stretched my style in some really exciting ways. That’s the external … Read More


Marisol recently suggested that I change my baggy, looser jeans to a sleeker fitting jean or even leggings! So I have incorporated leggings into my wardrobe and it gives my look a more put together vibe teaching me that you can rock a look no matter what your age, figure or size.


Marisol has helped me find my inner beauty and have the courage and ease to express it on the outside. She has an incredible way of seeing a persons individual beauty and gently supporting it to come alive. I have such a better sense not just of fashion in general, but of fashion for my … Read More

Lorrie Ross

Working with Marisol not only elevated my style…it elevated my spirit! I’ve worked with other “stylists” who helped me pick out clothes, but Sol Refection’s focus on BOTH inner and outer beauty guided me to dress and appear in a way that really aligned to who I was personally, professionally and who I really needed … Read More