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Often therapy focuses on thinking or talking your way out of problems. While this can be the answer for some and a good start for others, sometimes pain and suffering persists. If this feels familiar, you may be in need of a more body-based, mindfulness approach.

If you have been in counseling for years or never stepped foot into a therapist’s office, you are welcome here.

If you’re someone who has been in therapy before but haven’t gotten the exact results you were looking for, Somatic Experiencing™ (SE) and Organic Intelligence®(OI) sessions may be the missing link for supporting your shift towards greater health and healing. You recognize that your body needs help catching up with your mind and know that bringing them into alignment can further support your healing process.

If you are someone who has never been to therapy and aren’t sure what to expect, don’t worry! The sessions I provide are gentle, easy and sometimes even fun! With curiosity, we explore your individual nervous system’s route towards health and healing.

Using SE™ and OI®, bottom-up modalities that treat emotional stress, trauma, and other chronic conditions from a nervous system perspective, I will shepherd you towards the balance and coherence your body was designed to have. Through accessing sensations in your nervous system, your body begins to trend towards resiliency, reorganization and ultimately freedom from pain and suffering. As your therapist, I will provide gentle, compassionate and non-judgmental reflections of your system’s desire return to the happy, healthy human you were meant to be. You have everything you need to do this and I look forward to guiding you.


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