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Something is shifting, but you’re not quite sure how to navigate it. 

Have you taught yourself how to cope with life’s stressors but have come to realize these strategies are no longer serving you?

After trying to effort your way out of confusion, stress or pain, you may begin to feel defeated. However, something inside is telling you NOT TO GIVE UP, and that there IS hope for health and healing. If you are in this place, read on.

Whether you are experiencing mental, emotional, relational, physical or other types of pain, it can be hard to see and feel when the healing will come. Sometimes, we get temporary relief from behavior changes or relaxation techniques, but find that inevitably, symptoms return or new ones continue to appear.

Instead of trying to think, act or talk your way out of problems, you may need a more body-based, mindfulness approach. I use Somatic Experiencing™ and Organic Intelligence®, bottom-up modalities that work to address emotional stress, trauma, and other chronic pain and conditions from a nervous system perspective to support sustained healing.

You have everything you need to do this. Through accessing sensations in your body, you begin to trend back towards resiliency, reorganization and ultimately freedom from pain and suffering. Gently, compassionately and non-judgmentally, I can shepherd you, and I look forward to it.

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