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Dare to Express your Insides on the Outside

What we wear and how we wear it can be a powerful outlet for self-expression. It’s more than just a fashion statement or an art form; it’s a reflection of ourselves.

Does getting dressed in the morning stress you out? Is your closet full of clothes you never wear? Or have you decided you don’t like some aspect of your appearance and therefore have given up trying at all? Maybe you have arrived at a place in your life where you want or need to make some changes to your wardrobe due to a new career or promotion, the end or beginning of a relationship, a move to a new city or the birth of a baby. Making these changes may feel like a difficult or daunting task and I would be delighted to guide you through this transformation.

You may have arrived here out of curiosity (what even IS Therapeutic Image Consulting and how does it benefit me??) or because you are feeling that very desire to change something. Whatever brought you here, I encourage you to follow your curiosity and enjoy the exploration.

As your sense of self becomes more clearly defined, others will begin to see you in a new light.

Just like other therapies I provide, my job is not to tell you how you should look, feel or be. Therapeutic Image Consulting is not about leading you to the latest trends or trying to fit you into a box. My role is to shepherd you towards your own cohesive understanding of yourself and help identify what makes you feel most like you. Feeling more like yourself feels good! We can breed confidence, enthusiasm, power and clarity as well as positively influence our relationships with others.

Read more about the relationship between professional attire and productivity in this NPR article.

Consulting sessions can take on a variety of forms.

  • Office visits are designed to discuss goals, desires, habits, strengths, challenges, body image, spending, and more;
  • Home visits offer a chance to review the contents of your closet, reorganize, create new pairings you never knew you had and determine any gaps in your wardrobe;
  • Outings are created in a gentle and relaxed setting for a therapeutic shopping experience.

I look forward to helping you define your personal style!

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Testimonial:Marisol has helped me find my inner beauty and have the courage and ease to express it on the outside. She has an incredible way of seeing a persons individual beauty and gently supporting it to come alive. I have such a better sense not just of fashion in general, but of fashion for my personal uniqueness and taste. I’m so much more comfortable picking out an outfit and feeling confident about my pick. I feel more beautiful than ever now that my outside expression of myself reflects the inside. Thank you!” -Nancy

Testimonial: “Marisol recently suggested that I change my baggy, looser jeans to a sleeker fitting jean or even leggings! So I have incorporated leggings into my wardrobe and it gives my look a more put together vibe teaching me that you can rock a look no matter what your age, figure or size.” -Mary