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It is a principle of Organic Intelligence® (OI) to give and share healing as widely and freely as possible. The world is suffering and we need the knowledge and skills of this work now more than ever.

As a certified OI® instructor, I provide trauma-informed training and consultation for the coherence-minded organization. I work with businesses looking to engage in smoother operations, increase trust & flexibility internally and externally, find deeper connectivity amongst employees and between employees and their clients and support continued growth and success. Similar to individuals (link to individuals here) and families (link to families here), when organizations trend towards greater health and coherence, the connection to their mission and the relationships with their clients increases exponentially. We believe each staff person brings individual gifts and abilities to the workplace. Clarifying those gifts, sharing them with other staff and determining where people are best positioned within the organization is vital to achieving organizational goals.

Training and consulting services include:

  • Individual consultation with business owners, managers, chiefs, executives and other leaders
  • Organizational relations assessment & recommendations regarding clients and staff
  • Group trainings of the OI® model to clinicians and other service providers
  • Consultation with individuals seeking to enhance their work and effectiveness

Success is realized when organizational coherence is attained. I look forward to the opportunity to support the vitality and success of your business!

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