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For as much as we try to heal ourselves, we truly heal in connection to others. For those seeking a greater healing community, consider Somatic Experiencing™ and Organic Intelligence® based groups.

Envision the firefly phenomenon. In certain parts of the world, fireflies are observed blinking in unison as they connect through social interaction (one of these places is the Great Smoky Mountains!!). This is called phased synchronization. When they first come together as a group, they begin by lighting up at various speeds and intervals. But over a short period of time, their lights begin to synchronize.

In SE™ and OI®-based groups, the premise is similar. By sharing personal experiences, strength, and resilience, group members begin to gain resources from one another and capitalize off other member’s growth. In these groups, personal healing can occur exponentially.


Through the bottom-up approaches of SE™ and OI®, I guide the group in addressing their physical, mental, and emotional issues from a nervous system perspective. Together, we engage in activities that support individual and group healing. A typical group will include a meditation or grounding exercise to start, followed by brief education about trauma and stress in the body. We discuss coping skills and tools for managing stress which always includes a fun and light-hearted activity. And ending with group process about individual experiences. Group members share their joys and successes with other participants, reminding each other of the body’s innate ability to reorganize, self-regulate and heal.



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