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Did you know research has shown that when we are in close proximity with other people our heartbeats and breathing begin to synchronize? Similar to those who prefer healing in group settings (hyperlink to group page here), families seek to work together in a connected and harmonized fashion. And there is so much coherence that can happen!

Through the bottom-up approaches of Somatic Experiencing™ and Organic Intelligence®, I guide family members in addressing their individual andfamilies_2 familial needs from a nervous system perspective. Each body in the family has a natural map paving their way towards health and healing. As well, there is a family map.

Individuals need space and support to better understand their own nervous systems and their responses to discord and dis-ease. From that place of greater understanding and capacity, family members then learn ways to more clearly communicate of their their experiences. In addition, the more we learn about ourselves, the more we can understand about others. Ultimately, the family system trends towards greater unification and happiness.

As the individual healing of each family member emerges, the family dynamic naturally begins to improve. With compassion and curiosity, we begin to bring the map of the family together on the same page.


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