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Everyone who has experienced trauma has a story to tell about the experience. It can be important to share this experience both in therapy and with those who you know and trust. However, there is often another story that has no words tied to it at all. This doesn’t mean that the memory of the experience has left your body and nervous system. You might be able to use rational thinking skills to move into a place where you are aware of being safe and out of harm’s way; however, you may still experience symptoms of stress and trauma manifesting in your physical body through aches, pains, stress or other discomfort. These low or high levels of activation can create reactivity to situations and relationships that you may not have previously linked to these traumatic events.

Bodywork, through the lens of Somatic Experiencing™, helps to uncover and release what may still be held in the body even after working through a traumatic experience on our own or previously in talk therapy. As beings, we have natural responses to things all around us. This is no different when a traumatic event happens. Unfortunately, during these experiences, we often don’t have time to properly prepare or defend ourselves. Or sometimes we override our natural instinct to protect ourselves with rational thinking. Following the event, our bodies and nervous systems are left with an incomplete feeling. As a result, our physical bodies, thoughts and emotions indirectly respond to past traumas without even realizing that this is what is happening.

The bodywork I provide is a gentle, hands-on approach that helps your body process through sensations, behaviors, incomplete defensive responses and images in a way that begins to create new meaning and resolution of the traumatic event. It can be done as a self-guided process, sitting up in a chair or on a couch, or laying on a massage table. The bodywork approach is gentle because it allows you to step away of the verbal story of what happened. You do not need to relive the memories stored in order to resolve your trauma. Instead, your body guides the session, working through its own story, as I follow your movements and sensations.

I am BASE™ certified through Dave Berger’s Bodywork and Somatic Education program.


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