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Marisol Colette


I love what I do. Like truly, deeply love it. I get great satisfaction from being present for the moments when people begin to heal and feel more like themselves. I sit in wonderment and admiration as people I work with start to experience the richness life has to offer. It is truly an honor to witness a client’s transformations towards joy, fulfillment and happiness.

Following an 8-year career as a Social Worker at the Asheville VA Medical Center I opened a private practice near downtown Asheville. My practice offers mindfulness-based, naturalistic individual, family and group counseling sessions. I also offer hands-on bodywork received sitting on a couch, in a chair or on a massage table. In addition to more traditional counseling sessions, I also provide body-based therapeutic image consulting for those wanting to work not only with their internal body-based experiences, but with their external expressions as well. For individuals living in different cities, states or countries, I am able to guide my clients through body-based sessions via online platforms.

I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW), and a Somatic Experiencing (SE) and Organic Intelligence® (OI) Practitioner, as well as an adjunct teacher of the Organic Intelligence model, Human Empowerment and Resiliency Training (HEART™). I offer professional and organizational trainings in the Asheville, North Carolina area. In addition, I teach students in the Social Work Department at Warren Wilson College. I hold a Bachelor’s of Social Work from Warren Wilson College and a Master’s of Social Work from Columbia University in the city of New York.

I look forward to the opportunity to work with you!


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